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Social Security

Why Social Security?

A top concern of your baby boomer clients is outliving their retirement savings. This makes deciding when to collect Social Security retirement benefits incredibly important. While many clients are hardwired to believe they should begin collecting benefits as early as possible, there are many other options to consider. Collecting at age 62 may not be the optimal choice.

Understanding the basics of Social Security rules can empower you to help your clients maximize their retirement benefits while boosting loyalty and increasing referrals. Use this conversation flow to start the Social Security discussion with your clients:

  1. Engage with the right clients (target age 55-65) and gather relevant data.
  2. Run a patent-pending custom analysis using our Social Security Benefits Estimator.
  3. Explain the collection strategies shown in the report.
  4. Discuss other factors that influence benefits.
  5. Ask for referrals. Ask clients if they have friends or family who could benefit from this information.