2019 Investment Themes

Our views on key investing trends

It’s a challenging time to be an investor. Economic growth is slow, inflation is below target, and asset-class returns are likely to be lower over the long term. Add in geopolitical uncertainty and increased volatility and meeting your investment targets can seem daunting. To help, we’ve assembled our best insights from across BlackRock to aid institutions in navigating the challenges and positioning their portfolios for success.

The evolution of private markets
The need for return, income and diversification brought private assets to prominence, but investors still face hurdles in putting them to work.
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The evolution of private markets
A changing market regime: The case for building resiliency
Increasing market uncertainty underscores the need for a thoughtful approach to portfolio construction that builds resilience while aligning with long-term investment objectives.
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Changing market regime
Disrupting equities: Innovation and the impact of China
Macro forces—like the rise of China and rapid improvements in technology—are changing equity investing. Investors should re-examine their equity allocations to see if they are keeping pace with a shifting opportunity set.
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Disrupting equities impact of china

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Macro trends

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