Insurers and green bonds

Ashley Schulten| Elaine Shen| Jeffrey Jacobs| Laura Segafredo |02-Oct-2018

Green bonds are a fast-growing form of sustainable investing, offering the potential for an effective pairing of investment and environmental objectives. Green bond proceeds are ring-fenced on the issuer’s balance sheet, set aside for the exclusive purpose of financing projects deemed environmentally beneficial. A green bond’s return, however, is backed by the credit of the issuer as a whole. With their large fixed income portfolios and underwriting businesses that make them keenly aware of climate-change risk, insurers are among the leading investors in green bonds.

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Ashley Schulten
Managing Director, is the Head of Responsible Investing for Global Fixed Income
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Jeffrey Jacobs
Managing Director, Global CIO of the Financial Institutions Group
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Laura Segafredo
Vice President, Global Fixed Income
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Elaine Shen
Analyst, Global Fixed Income
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