Video insights: Fixed Income Conference 2019

Capital at risk. All financial investments involve an element of risk. Therefore, the value of the investment and the income from it will vary and the initial investment amount cannot be guaranteed.



Key takeaways

BlackRock’s Fixed Income Conference, hosted in March in London, brought together BlackRock’s leading fixed income experts and clients to discuss how to reshape, rethink and refocus fixed income portfolios. Get further insights by watching the videos below. To see all the videos in each section, click on show video playlist.


Understand the global picture

More supportive monetary policies and a slowing, but still growing economy suggest fixed income can resume its role as a portfolio diversifier. Fixed income, including credit, remains supported by structural demand despite cyclical challenges. We suggest a broad approach to reshape, rethink and refocus portfolios.

Assess the regional implications

In Europe, fixed income investing is complicated by political risk and persistently low yields, but it also throws up opportunities for seasoned practitioners. In the UK, pension schemes face a particular dynamic as they approach the end game and that means a changing approach to fixed income and liability driven investing.

Look further for returns

Portfolios necessarily reflect specific investor needs and/or constraints, but we would suggest investors seek to own the entire market, including meaningful allocations to emerging markets.

Take opportunities within public and private credit

The credit market offers an expanding range of opportunities that continue to offer attractive returns despite growing demand. This is a reflection of structural changes in corporate lending, but also the inherent attractiveness of the asset class.

Build more resilient portfolios

We see portfolio resilience as critical at this late stage in the cycle. Dynamic risk management can help ensure that portfolios are deliberate, diversified and appropriately scaled. Increasingly, portfolio resilience also means taking into account sustainability considerations.