Highlights of BlackRock Sustainability Series – Getting to net zero

BlackRock |Jun 7, 2021

2020 saw historic commitments to achieving net zero carbon emissions. We brought together thought leaders and experts across industries to help us understand why net zero matters and the opportunities for investors

Through the lens of our clients and our fiduciary responsibility, it became very clear to me to state in 2020, that climate risk is investment risk.

We will discuss some of the measures needed, as well as the opportunities in managing and adapting to physical climate risks, some of which will unfortunately be inevitable despite global efforts to decarbonize

There's nothing we can discuss without disclosure, so disclosure is a foundation for discussion. Not just for investors but for the lenders as well. However, disclosure need to focus on materiality.

Regulators, investors and companies themselves, all need to work together to achieve this goal

We believe that the large institutional investors will in future be managing their portfolios against sustainability indexes or climate-oriented policy benchmarks, going forward.

Innovations related to ETFs make it possible for more investors to weave climate exposures into portfolios.

We think that index solutions are going to play a key role in enabling this transition that investors are really looking to put into play.

We see sustainability, and particularly climate-focused, ETFs as the next frontier.