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Economic growth and monetary policies are diverging across the world. Get ready for volatility spikes in 2015—and new opportunities.

We debated this at our 2015 Outlook Forum in mid-November in London. The semi-annual event, the seventh of its kind, was marked by intense investment debates in small and large groups.

The 20-page piece includes: our 2015 base case (see chart below); top investment ideas; in-depth sections on valuations, volatility and currencies; five interactive graphics; and spotlights on key regional investment trends.

The year of living divergently chart


  • U.S. growth is on an upswing. We expect the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) to start raising rates in 2015 and the yield curve to flatten.
  • Eurozone growth could surprise on the upside due to rock-bottom expectations. The European Central Bank looks set to deliver on market hopes for full quantitative easing (QE).
  • Japan's monster bet on monetary stimulus brings both short-term opportunities (equities) and long-term risks (debt blowout).
  • China is digging deeper in its monetary policy tool box to stave off an even bigger growth downdraft as it attempts reforms—a balancing act.


  • We like Japanese and European equities due to cheap valuations and monetary boosters. We favor U.S. cyclicals over defensives as the Fed tightens.
  • We prefer credit such as U.S. high yield and European bank debt over sovereign debt. We like hard-currency EM debt, and favor U.S. Treasuries over other safe-haven bonds.
  • We like income-paying real assets such as property and infrastructure, but want to get compensated for being illiquid.
  • Our contrarian idea: natural resources equities as a hedge if U.S. dollar strength fades.


  • Nominal risk-free rates should stay low for long. This means low rates of return—unless assets become oversold or investors use leverage.
  • The foundation for a strong U.S. dollar is in place, yet the journey to long-term appreciation is tricky. Expect a bumpy ride.
  • Volatility is set to return. Elevated valuations and a voodoo-like belief in momentum raise the cost of mistakes. The key is to have a plan beforehand.
  • Stocks and bonds could fall in lock step, challenging traditional diversification. Relative value strategies and alternative investments can help.

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