For whatever shape the market is in

For whatever shape the market is in

BlackRock’s range of income solutions are designed to withstand economic ups and downs, no matter how it’s looking, to help you achieve the outcomes you want.
New income sources for a new normal

New income sources for a new normal

The policy revolution in the wake of COVID-19 has led to a blurring of fiscal and monetary policies plus government intervention in economies and financial markets. Yet income-generating assets still play a key role within a total portfolio, for stability of an income stream and to add resilience in a world where volatility seems here to stay.

Key takeaways for investors

Go beyond asset class diversification
Have a granular analysis of your portfolio at country and sector levels.
Consider non-traditional sources of income
This includes covered call writing, floating rate loans, listed real asset securities, global REITs etc.
Access Key
Tap into private investment opportunities
With the aim to deliver similar income as publicly listed assets with a lower correlation.
Apply a lens of sustainability
Although yields on sustainable funds might be lower, they can bolster resiliency.

Why BlackRock for Income?

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Breadth of Expertise
Our market access and scale extends across regions, asset classes and investment styles, enabling you to achieve your optimal income allocation.
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Flexible Implementation
We seek to deliver income in various forms. Our funds can fit as a core, satellite or tactical allocation into your portfolio, preferences and investment goals.
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Focus on Risk Management
Our in-house technology and dedicated risk and quantitative analytics teams help mitigate unwanted surprises.
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Protect your portfolio on the downside through diversification

  • During periods of volatility, you may look at ways to strengthen your portfolio and help withstand falling markets at a risk level that’s right for you.
  • High quality fixed income solutions seek to provide a degree of resiliency to portfolios and a consistent stream of income.
  • Risk-focused multi-asset income solutions have the potential to provide a stable income, with the flexibility to navigate changing market conditions.

Grow your portfolio with income solutions that seek to drive returns

  • Investments of higher risk may offer the potential for higher income and/or returns over time*. A portfolio which comprises of high yield bonds, dividend paying stocks or real asset (real estate and infrastructure) securities may have the potential to offer a competitive income and long term total returns.
  • Dynamic multi-asset income solutions have the potential to provide consistent income with the opportunity for capital growth.

* There is no guarantee that investors will get a higher return by accepting more risk.