Viimeisin markkinanäkemyksemme

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  • Implementation Guide

    Q4 2020 EMEA Implementation Guide

    Read more on our most recent market views, including implementation ideas.
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  • BII Tiles

    Market plunge: This is not 2008

    The virus shock’s impact will likely be large and sharp, but we believe investors should be level headed, take a long term perspective and stay invested.

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  • Global Weekly Commentary

    Three investing lessons from 2018

    We draw three lessons from 2018, a year in which navigating markets has been tough. 

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  • Guide to ETFs

    Institutional Guide to ETFs

    The Guide to ETFs highlights exclusive tools and thought leadership to help investors research, trade and manage their allocations. Access the guide.


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  • Building Portfolios for Uncertain Times

    Building Portfolios for Uncertain Times

    Markets have been volatile since the start of 2018, bringing greater focus onto the asset mix in client portfolios. Micha...

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  • BlackRock Investment Institute

    BlackRock Investment Institute

    Delivering our investing insights and analysis across asset classes, investment strategies and borders.

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  • ETF Growth

    We explore why ETF usage is accelerating

    ETF's are on pace for record growth. Learn more about the state of the ETF industry and the key forces that will drive rapid growth in the future.

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  • Greenwich Survey

    Greenwich Survey

    The Greenwich Survey show that institutional investors are turning to ETFs for liquidity, ease of use and fast access to exposures. Learn more.

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