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BlackRock Bottom Line: 2024 Global outlook

Speaker: Wei Li, Global Chief Investment Strategist, BlackRock Investment Institute


Higher interest rates and greater volatility define the new regime we’re in. In turn, that’s creating greater dispersion of returns.

We think investors will benefit from taking a more active approach to portfolios as we head into next year. 

Here’s our three investment themes for 2024: number one, managing macro risk; number two, steering portfolio outcomes; and number three, harnessing mega forces.

BlackRock Bottom Line open

Title: BlackRock Investment Institute 2024 global outlook

Our first theme is managing macro risk. Production constraints mean central banks face tougher trade-offs between inflation and growth – they can’t respond to faltering growth like before. This leads to a wider set of outcomes and a more uncertain macro outlook.

We don’t think investors should wait for the macro environment to improve. Instead, they should look to neutralize macro exposures or be very deliberate about which risks they take.

Our second theme is steering portfolio outcomes. We believe the new regime rewards an active approach to portfolios. Greater volatility and dispersion of returns create space for investment expertise to shine – that involves being more dynamic with indexing and alpha-seeking strategies, while staying selective.

Our third theme is harnessing mega forces. We see five structural shifts reshaping markets and driving returns now and in the future. We think they have become important portfolio building blocks on their own.

The bottom line is: Going into 2024 in the new regime, we want to put money to work. We believe investors should take a more active approach to their portfolios and be deliberate in taking portfolio risk.

Grabbing the wheel: putting money to work

The new regime of greater volatility is full of opportunities. Seizing them requires a dynamic and selective approach that blends the economic outlook with mega forces and more. Learn more from Wei Li, Global Chief Investment Strategist.

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