Views of the future

The global health pandemic has changed almost everything about life today — and in the future. To better understand what these changes mean for investors, the future of financial markets and society at large, we convened the BlackRock Future Forum this July.

The virtual two-day event brought together BlackRock leaders including CEO Larry Fink, President Rob Kapito and Chairman Barbara Novick; government policymakers; experts from the healthcare, technology and energy sectors; and senior investors across public and private markets.

More than 5,000 investors tuned in for a series of conversations on topics ranging from the future of globalism, to healthcare in the age of the coronavirus, to the role of corporate purpose. And some of our leading investors shared their insights on how these issues are affecting the investment landscape. Read the highlights and dig deeper into these insights below.

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We're going to spend our time together asking the tough questions about where the future might take us. Welcome to the BlackRock Future Forum.



If we don't focus on the positive impacts of globalization, we're going to leave billions of people in society in different countries behind.

Companies have become more conservative about their spending, investing plans, and they've been really thoughtful about managing to their margins.

In general, the yield curve control is like pegging an exchange rate. It's something that's much easier to enter than it is to exit.

I think we'll have some experimental vaccines, even within this year, but one that will be safely given to the entire 300 million Americans probably will take several years.

We are really at the inflection point of genomics revolution and digital revolution.

I am pleased to be joined today, really delighted to be joined today, by former speaker of the US House of Representatives, Paul Ryan.

The one thing you'll learn from all of these is, you must maintain a long term mindset. We will come out of this.

This is a national security issue now. Pandemics are not going to go away, there'll be others coming and we need to be prepared for them.

We're talking about machine learning. We've talked about augmented and virtual reality, and I think those are going to move from the gaming world into more business applications.

We're seeing our customers, consumers, investors having a perspective that they want their energy generated in an environmentally sustainable way, and that really is, I think, a big megatrend.

My view is that purpose is not invented, it's revealed or discovered.

Your purpose is likely how you survive the crisis, not something you put on the shelf to revisit after the end of the crisis.

Never underestimate that we today can do something that can change the lives of generations unborn.

The actions we take today as investors will shape our future outcomes, and as we hopefully get closer to normalcy in the months to come, we know that it will be a very new normal. Let's make the new normal a good one.

Views on the future

Get a glimpse of the future with a quick look at the BlackRock Future Forum. Discover who was there, what we asked and what the future may bring.

Globalism at a crossroads

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The evolution of globalization is not going to slow down the trend toward sustainable investing.

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Kate Moore BlackRock’s Head of Thematic Strategy
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If we don't focus on the positive impacts of globalization, we are going to leave billions of people in society behind.

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Larry Fink BlackRock CEO

Healthcare in the age of the coronavirus

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We need a national strategy of testing that we can all feel confident in, and it's got to be done in real-time.

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Dr. Craig Thompson President and CEO of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Technology: Our new virtual reality

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We need to be comfortable that our personal and business lives are intertwined in ways that we've never experienced in the past.

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Chuck Robbins Cisco CEO