Fundamental Active Equities Re-Entry Program

Diversity in our talent base affords us a richness of perspective that enhances our understanding of market dynamics, promotes innovation and elevates our client service effort.

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What we have to offer

At BlackRock, we value diverse perspectives and experiences. As such, our Fundamental Active Equities business would like to invite experienced professionals who are looking to re-engage their careers after an extended absence from the workplace to participate in a paid 12-week program. This program is aimed to help participants renew their:

  • Experience through on-the-job learning
  • Exposure through networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Education through specific skill-based training

Whether this program leads to a full-time career, or serves to sharpen the skills necessary to take the next step, it will be a valuable experience for participants to build their career portfolio.


  • Length: 12 weeks starting in March
  • Location: New York City
  • Business: Fundamental Active Equities

Applicant criteria

  • VP-equivalent or higher prior to work break; or 7+ years relevant experience
  • 2+ year voluntary career break

Our teams at a glance

Income & Value:

The U.S. Income & Value team is responsible for over U.S. $50 billion across various strategies: Core, Basic Value, Equity Dividend, and Mid-Cap Equity Dividend. The team is made up of 14 analysts primarily supporting three strategies which are primarily large-cap focused but include mid-cap investments as well. The team is based out of New York and Princeton.

Large Cap Growth:

The Fundamental Large Cap Growth team is responsible for over U.S. $15 billion across both mid-cap and large-cap strategies. The team is made up of 10 analysts and based out of New York.

About Fundamental Active Equities

We believe:

The best performance is delivered by tightly knit, focused and accountable teams. Returns can be enhanced by the firm-wide sharing of market knowledge and perspectives. Good investment decisions arise from integrating research with portfolio management. A global presence results in a global perspective combined with targeted local expertise. Our teams make their own investment decisions – within a prescribed framework and aligned with the firm’s rigorous risk management practices. Each team invests according to its unique philosophy, process and style and has a high level of discretion to allocate across regions, countries, industries and individual stocks.


  • Conduct company research – including financial analysis, due diligence on industry trends, company management and strategies
  • Meet with management teams to build stronger understanding of underlying industry, competitive dynamics, business drivers, and strategic direction
  • Make stock specific recommendations to portfolio managers
  • Build and update financial and valuation models
  • Synthesize and assess financial, industry data
  • Conduct primary research through industry sources
  • Draft reports/notes on new and existing positions
  • Communicate with investment professionals throughout the Firm

Qualities we look for:

  • Strong fundamental research skills with particular strength in financial analysis/modeling
  • Strong business sense: The candidate must possess a broad understanding of business models, industry dynamics, and competitive analysis
  • The candidate must also have strong communication in both small and larger group settings as information-sharing is critical to the success of all teams across asset classes

How to apply

Please send an email to with the following:

  1. Resume
  2. Explain in 300 words or less “Why do you think you would be a good fit for this program and how will you benefit from it?“