21st Century Engagement

Investor Strategies for ESG Considerations into Corporate Interactions

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The 21st Century Engagement Guide provides tools, options and ideas for U.S. institutional investors on engaging with companies and policymakers on sustainability issues. The guide includes tactics and case studies from 37 engagement experts spanning six countries.

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Although BlackRock prefers not to publicly disclose the details of engagements with individual companies, we do provide information on the scope of our responsible investing work. Our corporate governance and engagement principles, our market-specific voting policies, proxy voting histories, and proxy voting FAQs are available on this page

Global Corporate Governance & Engagement Principles

Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment

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Global Proxy Voting Guidelines

Our voting guidelines are applied on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration specific circumstances at a company, as well as regional market and policy developments.

Proxy Voting Guidelines for:

Australian Securities Japanese Securities
Asia ex Japan Securities Latin America Securities
Canadian Securities New Zealand Securities
European, Middle Eastern, and African Securities U.S. Securities

Our Approach to Executive Compensation

These guidelines describe BlackRock’s beliefs and expectations related to executive compensation practices, our Say on Pay analysis framework, and our typical approach to engagement and voting on Say on Pay.

Proxy Voting History

View complete vote records filed with the SEC on form N-PX for the reporting period of July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

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FDP Series

Canadian Fund Vote Disclosures

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Proxy voting FAQ

For an overview of our proxy voting approach, please download our FAQ.

Statements on Stewardship

UK Stewardship Code

Eumedion Best Practices for Engaged Share-Ownership

Japanese Stewardship Code:   English | Japanese

Papers and Research

Gender Diversity in Australia - The Ugly, The Bad and The Good

BlackRock released its fourth research piece on diversity at ASX 200 companies. The release of the research also coincided with the launch of the “30% Club in Sydney and Melbourne. While the research showed that ASX companies will reach 30% women before 2019, a number of issues still remained.

Key Considerations in the Debate on Differentiated Voting Rights

As the debate on differentiated voting rights is gaining momentum, it's important to understand the risks associated with this practice and the reasons why BlackRock supports the proportionality principle. We reviewed the common assumptions regarding differentiated voting rights and have proposed alternative solutions to reinforce long-termism.

Australia's Gender Policies Need to be Wound into their DNA

Not a good year for gender diversity in Australian public life. Research has shown gender diversity, but real embedded progress is hard to find. We review the 2013 annual reports of their 200 largest firms, revealing 3 key findings.

Gender Diversity Among Hong Kong Boards

The issue of gender diversity is receiving greater attention across Asia. Hong Kong business leaders have shown commitment to bring more women on to boards with new diversity reporting requirements. We review 35 firms and reveal 2 key findings.