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We’re partnering with Zip Code Wilmington, a nonprofit coding school with a mission to educate students in the programming languages that employers are demanding, ensuring their graduates the best chance of success at tech jobs.

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Zip Code Wilmington was established to address the shortage of tech talent in Delaware through a partnership among corporations, foundations and state government.

Addressing the challenge of the lack of diversity in the tech sector, Zip Code aims to provide opportunities to all capable candidates regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or financial ability. Currently, nearly half of Zip Code’s students represent racial and ethnic minority groups, and 20% are female. Almost one third of their incoming students live below 200% of the national poverty line and are eligible for scholarships. To help Zip Code reach even more applicants from underserved communities, BlackRock funded a stipend fund to assist students with everyday living expenses, so that they could take time away from work to attend the immersive school.

Zip Code develops their 12-week curriculum with help from corporate partners to equip their students with skills in demand and prepare them for successful careers in software development. Since 2015, nearly 200 students have graduated from Zip Code Wilmington, and over 90% have accepted paid roles within three months of graduating, on average, more than doubling their pre-program salaries. In 2018, Zip Code expects to train and graduate another 75 software developers.

Zip Code’s model gives ample opportunity to learn and, ultimately, room for growth and advancement. We are excited that our stipend fund can help make the program accessible to everyone who has the passion for coding.

— Aaron Kipnis, Director, Aladdin Product Group, BlackRock

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