Vision Spring

We’re supporting Vision Spring, an innovative social enterprise working to reduce poverty and generate opportunity in the developing world through the sale of affordable eyeglasses.

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Since 2001, Vision Spring has been dedicated to reducing poverty and creating opportunity in the world’s poorest communities through the sale of affordable eyeglasses.

With the core belief that “if you can’t see, you can’t work”, Vision Spring brings access to vision screenings and affordable eyeglasses to the working poor and low-income school-age children across emerging and frontier markets. Their model is a cost-effective, high impact intervention that instantly improves the productivity, income and quality of life of the people they touch.

BlackRock’s support is specifically enabling Vision Spring to partner with two of India’s most dynamic nonprofits, utilizing their significant distribution capacities to undertake an earlier stage intervention through the first ‘See to Learn’ pilot with school age children.

We’re proud to support Vision Spring’s work on a dynamic pilot program to bring access to affordable eyeglasses to students in India. This is an exciting example of the kind of investment in R&D that we love - with a view towards nationally scalable interventions for long term outcomes.

— Greg Levin, Vice President, BlackRock Corporate Philanthropy

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