Tipping Point

We’re partnering with Tipping Point, a nonprofit organization devoted to breaking the cycle of poverty in the San Francisco
Bay community.

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1 in 5 people in the Bay Area lives in poverty, unable to meet their basic needs and forced to make the impossible choice each and every day between paying rent and putting food on the table.

Tipping Point rigorously screens non-profits to find, fund, and partner with the most promising groups working to educate, employ, house, and support those in need. With an approach of “invest, measure, improve, repeat”, Tipping Point spends countless hours identifying which organizations will have the greatest impact before adding them to their portfolio.

Since 2005, Tipping Point has raised more than $100 million to support nearly 600,000 Bay Area individuals in need. The Tipping Point board covers fundraising and operational expenses so that every cent of every dollar donated supports the most promising poverty-fighting groups in the area. What’s more, Tipping Point grants are flexible, allowing grantees to invest in the strategy, operations, and staffing they need to have the greatest impact.

BlackRock is committed to closely engaging with the communities in which we operate. Tipping Point uses a rigorous approach to tackle the challenges facing low income families in the San Francisco Bay Area where we have deep roots. Tipping Point operates at the core of BlackRock’s philanthropic mission to build access to better futures, deploying metrics and diligence to insure that financial support is spent with high impact in mind.

— Deborah Winshel, Global Head of BlackRock Impact and Corporate Philanthropy

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