The Fore Trust

BlackRock is working with The Fore Trust to find and fund high potential small charities across the UK, supporting their acceleration both financially and through meaningful connection with the
expertise and resources of the business community.

The Fore Trust

Founded in 2017, The Fore matches early-stage social enterprises with professional support in an incubator-like environment that includes training and networking, mentoring, strategic advice, and governance support. By offering funding and business expertise, The Fore encourages these growing organizations to have the confidence to think bigger, achieve their full potential, and tackle some of society’s largest problems.

BlackRock is pleased to partner with The Fore to help accelerate the growth of small and potentially high impact nonprofits in the UK, growing the pipeline of charities ready to serve the needs of our society.

What attracted BlackRock to The Fore was their innovative model that shines a light on the pioneering nonprofits and social enterprises that are too often overshadowed by larger, more established charities. With The Fore’s bespoke business-led support, these organizations have the resources to address some of today’s most pressing issues with new and innovative solutions.

— David Blumer, BlackRock Head of Europe, Middle East, and Africa