We’re supporting Laboratoria, a nonprofit from Latin America that gives young women from underserved backgrounds a career in tech, transforming their future and the future of companies that employ them.

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Millions of women in Latin America cannot afford quality higher education. Left with few choices, they face a future of unemployment or low-wage, informal work. Meanwhile, thousands of skilled tech jobs remain unfilled.

In just six months of training, Laboratoria teaches women the skills they need to become front-end developers and UX designers, and helps their graduates find jobs at companies across Latin America and abroad, tripling their income compared to their jobs before the program. By joining the workforce as software developers, Laboratoria’s graduates are also helping to close the gender gap in tech.

Through a rigorous recruitment process, Laboratoria identifies applicants who truly need an opportunity for social mobility. In the last 3 years +7.500 women have applied to Laboratoria and their latest acceptance rate was 9%. To date, over 800 students have graduated from Laboratoria, and nearly 80% of them have been successfully placed in tech jobs. In 2018, Laboratoria will graduate close to 1000 more women from their programs in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

Laboratoria’s graduates prove that when given a chance to access quality training, women excel in tech jobs and can soon change the Latin American tech workforce landscape.

— Samantha Ricciardi, Managing Director, BlackRock Country Head of Mexico

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