Compass Working Capital

We’re partnering with Compass Working Capital, a nonprofit that provides financial education and coaching to America’s low income families, empowering them to build savings and financial capabilities as a pathway out of poverty.

Compass Working Capital

Compass Working Capital began in 2005 with a question: Is there a way that families with low income can reach the dreams and aspirations that they have for a better life, and make a real and permanent transition out of poverty? To tackle this problem head-on, Compass provides savings and financial coaching programs that enable working families to build assets, achieve their financial goals, and become financially secure.

In 2010, Compass identified the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) – a federal program offered to residents of subsidized housing in communities across the country – as a scalable platform to which they could link their core competencies. Strong results from Compass’s FSS programs in New England have led the organization to launch a three-year national pilot program, where they will work with mission-aligned partners to expand the program model in cities across the U.S.

BlackRock is a proud supporter of Compass and its national expansion, joining the Kellogg and Kresge foundations to provide the organization with the resources it needs to deliver the same outcomes and impact that Compass has achieved with their New England programs.

There are too many families in the United States that are one emergency away from falling behind financially, or who are held back by public welfare programs that make it difficult to increase income or save money. BlackRock is thrilled to partner with Compass Working Capital as they tackle this problem family by family, empowering them with the tools and financial wellness to carve a path out of poverty.

— Claire Chamberlain, Director, Global Philanthropy