Why BlackRock for multi-asset

True diversification is a moving target. Gone are the days when a single asset class could do all the work. Agility and the ability to harness the potential of a number of different investments are key.

BlackRock's multi-asset strategies are built for changing markets. By offering broad diversification and an active investing process underpinned by solid risk management, your hunt for smart diversification stops here. Our unrivalled insight, access and technology deliver the investing advantage your clients need.

Your INSIGHT Advantage

Diversification is more important than ever – but it’s also harder to find. That’s why we have 180 multi-asset experts1 scouring the globe to uncover the best investing ideas, and because of our insight and expertise the team is managing over $189 billion on behalf of investors2.

Your ACCESS Advantage

It’s now more important than ever to have access on your side. Our talents extend across asset classes, sectors and geographies, and our family of multi-asset funds offers investors the breadth they need to target specific needs.

Your TECHNOLOGY Advantage

Making sense of markets that are more connected than ever, with more data than ever, requires deep expertise and extensive resources most investors don't have. And Aladdin®, our powerful risk-analysis and portfolio management technology, helps our investment teams evaluate and act on all our information and insights.

Your INVESTING Advantage

How you put clients’ portfolios together matters as much as what you put in them. That’s why our multi-asset funds are diversified across equities, bonds and alternatives such as property, and have the flexibility they need to adapt as markets change.

1BlackRock, as at 31 December 2014.
2 Source: BlackRock as of 30 September 2014.
3 Source: BlackRock as of 30 June 2014. Trading volume represents full year 2013 data. Aladdin is a comprehensive investment management platform that combines sophisticated risk analytics with portfolio management, trading and operations tools. It also acts as a centralised database for financial information—including positions, transactions, prices and security data.