Today’s low interest rates and ultra-low yields mean that traditional fixed income strategies may no longer deliver the income, or the stable returns, your clients need. It’s a world in which volatility in fixed income markets is increasing, potentially exposing your clients to more risk than they realise.

So what could your clients do with their money?

It could be time for them to think about investing in more flexible, less constrained strategies. Strategies that can look across the entire global fixed income market for opportunities and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

BlackRock’s range of unconstrained bond funds benefits from the firm’s extensive network of fixed income specialists all over the globe, its unique risk management capabilities and access to ideas, information and investment opportunities few other managers possess.

BlackRock’s range of unconstrained bond funds include:

Who’s this for?

This type of strategies could appeal to investors looking to:

  • Take steps out of cash
  • Diversify their fixed income portfolio away from traditional bonds
  • Enhance the return potential of their bond portfolios
  • Add more stability to their portfolio at times of bond market volatility
  • Protect their bond portfolio from the negative effect of rising rates