BlackRock gives you exposure to the full range of asset classes and types in virtually every investment region of the world. As an investor, you can also use iShares to access the expertise of the world's leading provider of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). iShares offers more than 700 passive funds worldwide with different asset classes and investment strategies. On 31 December 2014, it managed over a trillion dollars. That means our active and passive investment strategies cover everything needed to build complex portfolios. BlackRock can offer alpha strategies as well as beta strategies through iShares, including investments in shares, fixed-interest securities, multi-asset strategies, alternative investments, trading strategies and liquidity strategies. Whether you are a private investor, adviser, asset manager or institutional investor, BlackRock offers the resources you need to implement your individual investment strategies and achieve your financial goals — and always with a focus on your requirements.

Assets under Management

All asset types and investment strategies underpinned with solid risk management

Our teams of experts seek out the best investment opportunities from around the world and share their findings — they are closely involved in local market activities and have an excellent network of other experts at BlackRock. Their detailed analyses look beyond obvious solutions and are converted into successful investment ideas and strategies — so that our clients' investment solutions can yield higher returns.