For qualified investors

2017 BlackRock Active
Factor Symposium

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Monday, 15 May – Geneva – Register Now

Tuesday, 16 May – Zurich – Register Now


11:45 am – 12:00 pm Registration
12:00 pm – 12:30 pm Flying lunch
12:30 pm – 13:00 pm Introducing Factor Investing at Blackrock: Past, Present and Future
Philip Hodges, David Gibbon & Manuela Sperandeo & Nicolas Nussbaum
• How do we see factors at BlackRock?
• What are the big trends in this space?
• What is our approach and solutions?
13:00 pm – 13:40 pm Factors Phenomena: Theory, Research and Application
Philip Hodges
• How do we implement factors?
• What is our latest research?
• What are the new signals in the pipeline?
13:40 pm – 14:20 pm BlackRock’s Style Advantage Fund
Philip Hodges & David Gibbon
• Absolute return through exposure to style factors
• Market neutrality and instant diversification
• Cost-efficient, liquid and transparent
14:20 pm – 14:30 pm Final remarks – End


Managing Director
Head of Research for BlackRock’s Factor-Based Strategies Group and Portfolio Manager of BlackRock’s flagship active factor strategy: Style Advantage.
Managing Director
Head of Investment Strategy in EMEA for the Factor-Based Strategies Group.
iShares Head of Specialist Sales EMEA for Smart Beta and Liquid Alternatives ETFs.

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