BlackRock Aladdin

BlackRock sets standards in risk management, portfolio analysis and investment technology. Our risk management philosophy is based on a culture of constructive challenge. This independent risk management links experts from the fields of investments, development and technology, who share their assessments of and information on portfolio and corporate risk. Their goal is to estimate and diversify risk and implement it into client portfolios to an appropriate degree, so that the company operates in a reliable manner.

Our Aladdin® risk and investmentplatform combines scalable portfolio analysis and risk management with a complete trading platform. Aladdin® is currently used to manage assets of over USD 14 trillion for more than 160 clients and 30,000 investment portfolios — from BlackRock, but also from competitors, banks, pension funds and insurers.* Its purpose is not simply to estimate the development of individual assets, but rather to constantly monitor the correlation between assets within a complete portfolio.

Over 1000 risk experts in a wide range of market-relevant fields use the leading risk management technology from BlackRock in their portfolio analyses. BlackRock is able to analyse the data and offers transparency in the complex global securities market. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the risks associated with investing in international capital markets and can utilise these risks to the benefit of our clients.

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