Investment Solutions

BlackRock is an expert in liquidity management. We have earned our clients’ trust through multiple interest rate cycles and a variety of market events. BlackRock considers cash management a unique investment discipline requiring a distinct skill set for effective management.


While our investment strategy is conservative by nature, we strive to deliver competitive, consistent returns over time. We understand the importance of putting safety and liquidity first – not as a marketing message, but as the core of our investment philosophy.


We offer a broad range of liquidity strategies across currencies, including sovereign strategies, prime money market strategies, as well as the flexibility of bespoke, segregated mandates for large investors. We also offer short term duration strategies for those investors who are looking to move modestly out the curve.


Customised Solutions

  • Bespoke liquidity mandates
  • Designed to meet individual investor needs and cash profiles
  • Suitable for investors with a minimum of $100m to invest
  • Longer investment horizon and a clear liquidity profile

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