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In one ETF, you can access thousands of global stocks and bonds. Choose the right portfolio mix based on your risk tolerance and investing style.

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When you invest in equities (also called stocks) you buy a share in a company and become a shareholder. Equities are typically best for long-term investing – for those who are able to ride out the highs and lows of the market in search of higher rewards. 

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Rapid advances in exponential technologies, medical breakthroughs, infrastructure and more are transforming the way we work and live. Capture the growth around you with our thematic funds focused on innovation.

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Dividend ETFs pay monthly dividends, allowing you to earn a regular source of income and meet spending needs.

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Seeking stable, lower risk returns

Fixed income securities, or bonds, are issued by companies and governments as a way of raising money. They’re basically an ‘I.O.U’ – designed to provide a regular stream of income (which is normally a fixed amount) over a specified period of time.

Broad exposure to a large basket of opportunities

From funds that invest in precious metals such as gold and silver, to energy resources such as oil and natural gas, to agricultural goods such as wheat, commodity funds offer several potential benefits to investors, including portfolio diversification and a hedge against inflation. 

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The Bid Podcast

Can investors expect more inflation or market stability?

UBS buy-out of Credit Suisse has brought some near-term stability to financial markets; however, U.S. and European banking shares remain under pressure from continued rate hikes. Kate Moore, Head of Thematic Strategy and part of BlackRock’s Global Allocation investment team helps explain these developments.

The Bid Podcast podcast /
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The Bid Podcast podcast /
The Bid podcast / Can Investors Expect More Inflation Or Market Stabil
Episode description:

In an effort to bring calm to financial markets and some stability to the banking sector, UBS announced it would be acquiring Credit Suisse, a merger of two of Switzerland’s largest financial institutions. The merger has brought some near-term stability to financial markets; however, U.S. and European banking shares remain under pressure as investors assess the impact of the fastest rate hiking campaign since the 1980’s.

Kate Moore, Head of Thematic Strategy and part of BlackRock’s Global Allocation investment team joins host Oscar Pulido, to help explain these developments.

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