Are you and your partner on the same financial page?

You may know exactly what you want to do in retirement, but what if your partner doesn’t share that vision? Many couples disagree on key aspects of their golden years including where to live and what to do. It’s important to work together and come up with a plan that is acceptable to both of you.

Take this quiz to see if you and your partner view retirement and finances the same way.


  1. Do you have similar risk tolerances?
  1. What kinds of investments do you prefer?


  1. When do you want to receive your CPP retirement pension?


  1. How much do you want to spend in retirement?
  1. How do you want to spend your money?

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Your results

Are you and your partner on the same financial page?

You're simpatico.You probably have had conversations through the decades about your retirement savings and dreams.

Time to start talking to your partner.You may have an idea on where you don't match up, and you have time to work out compromises if you start now.

Time to negotiate.Consider working with a financial advisor who has helped other couples bridge their gaps in planning for retirement dreams and goals. You may need to save more or spend less.

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