Assembling different asset classes together in order to deliver an investment outcome, while still controlling for risk, is the art of portfolio construction. While less glamorous than picking stocks and often underappreciated, asset allocation can add significant value when done properly. The right mix of assets can raise the odds of delivering on an investor’s long-term objectives.1 While constructing the right asset mix is important, it does not need to be complicated and low-cost, efficient index strategies can be ideal building blocks for this.

Building a Core with ETFs

The iShares Core Series for Canadian investors, a suite of competitively priced ETFs, can help you keep more of what you earn. Designed to be flexible, the funds in this suite can be used alone or together depending on your needs.

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Managed Portfolios with BlackRock

Leveraging the global investment capabilities of BlackRock with the strength of our industry-leading iShares ETFs platform, we have built an answer for those seeking access to ETFs with the traditional mutual fund structure – the BlackRock Strategic Portfolio Series.

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