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Sample Portfolios*

Build a solid foundation using iShares Core funds. They are low-cost, flexible and can help provide the asset allocation and geographic diversification you seek.



90% total fixed income

10% total equity

Strengthen your portfolio. Lower your costs.

iShares ETFs have low fees, which means more of your money is invested and can generate higher earnings over time. When compared to the average management fee of mutual funds in a comparable portfolio of mutual fund securities, the potential savings can be significantly greater with ETFs.

The potential difference in growth of a $50,000 investment**.

The potential difference in growth of a $100,000 investment**.

**Assuming a 5% annual return over 10 years.
Potential Lost Savings

* The iShares Core Sample Portfolios are not investment and/or tax advice and are not tailored to the needs or circumstances of any specific investors. The sample portfolios are provided only as examples of possible ways to invest. The above graph illustrates a comparison between the weighted average management fee  of the iShares Core Sample Portfolio and the weighted average management fee of a comparable portfolio of (a) Series A mutual fund securities, and (b) Series F mutual fund securities, each in the equivalent fund categories as described by the Canadian Investment Funds Standards Committee (“CIFSC”). Series A mutual fund securities include trailing commissions. Series F mutual fund securities do not include trailing commissions. The management fee of the iShares Core ETFs comprising the iShares Core Sample Portfolio do not include trailing commissions. The above graph assumes $50,000 or $100,000 invested over 10 years, a 5% rate of return on all portfolios and excludes trading commissions, taxes or other transaction costs. Management data from Investor Economics Insight, as at July 2017.