How to Choose the Right ETF

With ETFs you can keep more and do more with what you have.

With so many ETFs, how do you find the right fund for you? For starters, consider these tips:

  • Understand your goals

    Are you investing for long term growth?

    Are you seeking certain outcomes (such as income)?

    Are you looking for shorter-term opportunities among specific geographies, sectors or specialty funds?

iShares Core ETFs provide low-cost, diversified investments that can complement your existing portfolio or serve as its core building blocks. With each of our Core funds, you can achieve broad exposure in a single trade.

In addition, iShares offers ETFs covering a variety of geographies, sectors, and other specialties, including international markets, fixed income, smart beta and more.

  • Know the fund provider

    Does the firm have a proven track record, experienced portfolio managers and a dedicated ETF business?

Not all ETF providers are alike. iShares is a global leader in ETFs, providing more than a decade of expertise and commitment to investors of all sizes.

We're powered by BlackRock, trusted to manage more money for investors than any other investment firm in the world.1

Consult the ETF Fund Finder to locate funds that offer access to broad markets, like the S&P 500, or more specialty sectors, regions or niches.

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