As a leading global asset manager with relationships with the key players throughout global markets, BlackRock has one of the world's deepest pools of liquidity. And our global trading platform and significant crossing opportunities help our clients to minimize their market impact when implementing their investment strategies.

Why BlackRock for Trading Liquidity?

  • Trust and transparency: As an independent steward of our clients’ assets, we are focused on ensuring that we are aiming to provide clients with optimal trading conditions and comprehensive management of liquidity, counterparty relationships and risk exposures.
  • Scale and scope: BlackRock’s investment teams capitalize on our scale to source and manage liquidity efficiently, using our extensive know-how and capabilities in cash management, securities lending and transition management to reduce risk and improve returns for our clients.
  • Investment process: Each of our investment teams has processes that are specifically designed to serve the unique requirements of their client base, while also benefiting from access to all of the resources and capabilities that BlackRock can provide. This includes our risk management capabilities and the scalable investment processes and insights offered through our Aladdin® investment platform.