Systematic Active


Our systematic active strategies follow a disciplined, scientific approach that seeks to deliver consistent returns, correlation and lower downside risk compared with other managers. We believe the breadth of our opportunity set enables us to achieve greater market coverage.

We believe our approach offers a competitive advantage for several reasons:

  • It removes biases
  • It tests ideas before they go into the portfolio
  • It identifies repeatable market opportunities
  • It focuses on the best opportunities on a risk-adjusted basis
Tested and validated before implementing in portfolios to remove biases and forecast returns.
Disciplined risk budgeting
High breadth portfolios targeting best risk-adjusted return opportunities.
Differentiated outcomes
Ability to mix and match beta, style factors and alpha to produce differentiated outcomes.
Tom Parker
Chief Investment Officer, Systematic Fixed Income
Mr. Parker is responsible for all portfolio management and research as well as portfolio construction across the systematic fixed income platform.