Long Term Private Capital Strategy

Private equity capital solutions.
Best-in-class businesses.
Evergreen structure targeting compounded returns.
Close alignment of interests with limited partners and investee companies.


Investment strategy

Targeting private equity returns with lower volatility

  • Asset selection. Seek best-in-class companies, outstanding management teams.
  • Value creation. Active ownership that leverages LTPC and BlackRock resources.
  • Prudent leverage. Aim to mitigate volatility and preserve optionality.
  • Duration. Long hold periods that mitigate friction; evergreen structure facilitates compounded returns.
  • Economic efficiency. Highly efficient cost structure and incentive compensation designed with limited partners in mind.

Because of the long-term nature of its investments, the LTPC strategy places an emphasis on Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors as part of its due diligence and value creation.

The LTPC strategy is designed to deliver a better, more aligned and cost-efficient model for private equity investing in best-in-class companies.

Market opportunity

Positioned at the intersection of converging industry trends

LTPC is positioned at the center of investors’ need for greater alignment, shrinking public listings, long-term capital needs of companies and lack of evolution in traditional private equity.

Source: BlackRock, January 2019

  • Equity markets have seen a dramatic secular shift away from public ownership, with the number of public companies in the U.S. decreasing by almost 50% since 1997, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Private markets have concurrently expanded, but the private equity model has not evolved, retaining its high-fee, exit-oriented structure and short-term investment horizon.
  • A large and growing population of strong, stable companies seeks truly long-term partners to facilitate value creation over time.
  • Investors need an investment structure better aligned with their long-term goals.

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Why BlackRock?

Highly experienced team
Highly experienced team
Our LTPC strategy is led by a team of highly experienced private equity investors.
Long-term DNA
Long-term DNA
BlackRock is viewed as a trusted fiduciary partner with a long-term focus.
Sourcing and research strength
Sourcing and research strength
Our broad market reach and deep analytical capabilities help us find and assess investments.
No internal competition
No internal competition
The LTPC strategy is our sole strategy for executing direct private equity investments.
Designed with clients in mind
Designed with clients in mind
We seek to deliver highly efficient exposure to high-quality companies, with investors benefiting from economies of scale.
Transparency and alignment
Transparency and alignment
Our budget-based management fee structure facilitates alignment and transparency between the general partner and limited partners.
Meet our team
André Bourbonnais
Managing Director, Global Head of Long Term Private Capital
André Bourbonnais brings 30+ years of private market transaction and management experience.
Colm Lanigan
Managing Director, Long Term Private Capital Senior Investment Team
Colm Lanigan, Managing Director, is a senior member of the Long Term Private Capital Investment Team. Colm brings significant private equity and investment ...
Erik Levy
Managing Director, Long Term Private Capital Senior Investment Team
Erik Levy, Managing Director is a senior member of the Long Term Private Capital Investment Team. Erik brings significant private equity investing, board ...
Dag Skattum
Managing Director,
EMEA Head of Long Term Private Capital
Dag Skattum, Managing Director, is the head of Long Term Private Capital’s London office. Dag brings over 30 years of experience across private equity and ...
Philipp Haid
Director, Long Term Private Capital Investment Team
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John Overbay
Director, Long Term Private Capital Investment Team
John Overbay, Director, is a member of the Long Term Private Capital investment team, based in New York. John brings nearly 20 years of experience across ...
New horizons for private equity
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