Sustainable Investing Solutions

BlackRock currently manages a broad suite of dedicated sustainable investment solutions, ranging from green bonds and renewable infrastructure to thematic strategies that allow clients to align their capital with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With deep expertise in alpha-seeking and index strategies, across public equity and debt, private renewable power, commodities and real asset strategies, we are continuing to build scalable and customized solutions across asset classes.

We do not view this as an exercise in trading return for social outcomes. Instead, by identifying scalable, sustainable investment solutions that can potentially enhance long-term returns, we may improve financial outcomes for our clients and accelerate the adoption of sustainable business practices globally.

sustainable investing solutions


*Source: BlackRock Sustainable Investing, August 2018. For illustrative purposes only.


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Global reach

We work with all investor types and regions across the globe to understand our clients’ diverse set of objectives, motivations and constraints. We understand that investors have unique needs, and we strive to provide sustainable investing solutions that empower clients to achieve their financial objectives.

Multi-asset and total
portfolio capabilities

We leverage the firm’s deep expertise in alpha-seeking and index strategies, across equity, debt, and alternatives, to develop solutions that fit the needs of our clients’ multi-asset portfolios.

Spectrum of sustainable
investing solutions

We have a $50B+ platform of dedicated sustainable investment solutions that align capital with certain behaviors, activities or outcomes via ESG, thematic, and impact approaches, as well as about $450B in investment solutions that eliminate exposures to certain sectors or activities through screened solutions (as of December 30, 2018). These solutions are deployed in various legal vehicles to make products available in different jurisdictions.

BlackRock’s expertise in sustainable investing seeks to help clients achieve better investment outcomes

  • Understand how to approach ESG: Leverage investment expertise and research across BlackRock to understand key market trends, potential risks, and opportunities associated with sustainability factors
  • Examine your own exposures: Combine the power of Aladdin risk with ESG data to analyze portfolio and target future exposures to broad and specific E, S and G factors, as well as to client specific-objectives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Determine which solution can help meet your needs: Invest in a specific investment product or apply a total portfolio construction approach to sustainable investing. We manage a full product suite across asset classes with various sustainable investing objectives. We assist clients in product selection, portfolio construction, ESG optimization, and innovating new solutions to help meet their objectives.
Brian Deese
Managing Director, BlackRock Sustainable Investing