BlackRock offers investment solutions across the spectrum of fixed income markets and products in the pursuit of alpha. Each strategy, whether fundamentally or scientifically based, applies a disciplined investment and risk management process with the aim of delivering competitive, risk-adjusted returns that meet our clients' needs.

Why BlackRock for Active Fixed Income?

  • Deep market insights: Investment decisions are based on global perspectives combined with local knowledge. Portfolio strategy combines top-down and bottom-up investment views with fundamental and quantitative research insights to produce a comprehensive assessment of risks and opportunities. With 21 primary investment centers worldwide, our investment teams also benefit from a firm-wide, collaborative investment culture that promotes information sharing across asset classes and regions.
  • Robust operating platform: A highly integrated global trading and portfolio management platform underpins all fixed income investment activities, enhancing execution quality and reducing operational risk. In addition, our proprietary technology, analytics and research help us constantly improve our portfolio management and trading strategies and create transaction cost efficiencies for clients.
  • Rigorous risk management: Disciplined and independent risk management is deeply ingrained into BlackRock's investment culture. A proprietary risk management system provided by BlackRock Solutions® is embedded in every fixed income portfolio, and risk management professionals work closely with our portfolio managers to analyze risks and enhance the investment process.

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