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For investors seeking long-term total returns, an investment in actively managed equities can be a key component in a well-diversified portfolio. BlackRock provides a comprehensive range of equity strategies, comprising both fundamental and scientific approaches, and covering a broad range of regions, sectors and styles.

Why BlackRock for Active Equities?

  • Autonomous teams equipped with superior information: BlackRock's fundamental equity teams benefit from access to the opportunities, research and resources only available to a global asset manager. Our scientific active equity teams employ an internally developed, model-driven investment approach that aims to balance risk, return and cost while seeking consistent outperformance versus a benchmark.
  • Corporate engagement: BlackRock is a shareholder in thousands of companies globally. Our investment teams engage with company management on a regular basis, enabling us to develop superior investment insights and a broader perspective across the capital structure. We are actively committed to defending the interests of our clients through regular, robust engagement with the companies in which we invest.
  • Risk management and due diligence: Managing risk is fundamental to BlackRock’s philosophy and culture. Our Risk & Quantitative Analysis (RQA) group has 130 truly independent risk management experts, extensive analytical systems, and access to proprietary and third-party data. Our risk professionals look beyond investment risk to aggressively manage operational and counterparty risk, ensuring that any risk taken is deliberate, diversified and appropriately scaled.

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