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iShares Canadian Real Return Bond Index ETF





Growth of Hypothetical $10,000

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  1y 3y 5y 10y Incept.
12.62 6.44 4.40 4.11 4.27
Benchmark (%) 13.02 6.86 4.80 4.52 4.66
  YTD 1m 3m 6m 1y 3y 5y 10y Incept.
12.62 0.32 1.77 6.16 12.62 20.60 24.02 49.62 87.36
Benchmark (%) 13.02 0.34 1.84 6.35 13.02 22.03 26.43 55.64 98.30
  2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Total Return (%) 2.42 0.40 -0.50 7.62 12.62
Benchmark (%) 2.86 0.72 -0.05 8.02 13.02

Key Facts

Key Facts

Net Assets as of Jan 15, 2021 CAD 588,203,138
Inception Date Dec 19, 2005
Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange
Asset Class Fixed Income
Benchmark Index FTSE Canada Real Return Bond Index™
Index Provider FTSE Global Debt Capital Markets Inc.
Units Outstanding as of Jan 15, 2021 21,800,000
Number of Holdings as of Jan 14, 2021 13
CUSIP 46431C105
Price as of Jan 15, 2021 27.05
Options Available No

Portfolio Characteristics

Portfolio Characteristics

Investment Program* DRIP
Eligible for Registered Plans Yes
Distribution Frequency Semi-Annual
Last Distribution per Share as of Dec 22, 2020 0.30
DRIP Price as of Oct 26, 2020 0.00
Distribution Yield as of Jan 14, 2021 1.45%
12m Trailing Yield as of Jan 14, 2021 1.53%
Weighted Avg YTM as of Jan 14, 2021 1.14
Weighted Avg Coupon as of Jan 14, 2021 2.41
Real Yield as of Jan 14, 2021 -0.29
Effective Duration as of Jan 14, 2021 15.95 yrs
Weighted Avg Maturity as of Jan 14, 2021 18.36 yrs

* DRIP/PACC/SWP Investment Programs

Sustainability Characteristics

Sustainability Characteristics

Sustainability Characteristics can help investors integrate non-financial, sustainability considerations into their investment process. These metrics enable investors to evaluate funds based on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. This analysis can provide insight into the effective management and long-term financial prospects of a fund.

The metrics below have been provided for transparency and informational purposes only. The existence of an ESG rating is not indicative of how or whether ESG factors will be integrated into a fund. The metrics are based on MSCI ESG Fund Ratings and, unless otherwise stated in fund documentation and included within a fund’s investment objective, do not change a fund’s investment objective or constrain the fund’s investable universe, and there is no indication that an ESG or Impact focused investment strategy or exclusionary screens will be adopted by a fund. For more information regarding a fund's investment strategy, please see the fund's prospectus.

Review the MSCI methodology behind Sustainability Characteristics, using links below.

MSCI ESG Fund Rating (AAA-CCC) as of Jan 7, 2021 AA
MSCI ESG Quality Score (0-10) as of Jan 7, 2021 7.47
MSCI ESG Quality Score - Peer Percentile as of - -
MSCI ESG % Coverage as of Jan 7, 2021 100.00
Fund Lipper Global Classification as of Jan 7, 2021 Bond Other Inflation Linked
MSCI Weighted Average Carbon Intensity (Tons CO2E/$M SALES) as of - -
Funds in Peer Group as of Jan 7, 2021 16
All data is from MSCI ESG Fund Ratings as of Jan 7, 2021, based on holdings as of Nov 30, 2020. As such, the fund’s sustainable characteristics may differ from MSCI ESG Fund Ratings from time to time.

To be included in MSCI ESG Fund Ratings, 65% of the fund’s gross weight must come from securities covered by MSCI ESG Research (certain cash positions and other asset types deemed not relevant for ESG analysis by MSCI are removed prior to calculating a fund’s gross weight; the absolute values of short positions are included but treated as uncovered), the fund’s holdings date must be less than o