Characteristics such as liquidity and flexibility have made iShares ETFs a valuable tool for institutional investors to achieve both tactical and longer-term goals. As such, iShares ETFs can provide solutions for a wide range of investment strategies.

Solutions for Pensions, Foundations and Endowments

Strategy Objective
Transitions Maintain liquid indexed exposure while searching for new managers
Cash equitization Maintain liquidity while remaining fully invested
Tactical adjustments Over- or underweight certain styles, regions or countries on the basis of short term views
Portfolio completion Diversify a portfolio that is heavily concentrated in one or more asset class, sector or single stock
ETF overlay/liquidity management Maintain policy exposure with exchange-traded flexibility
Core allocation Implement core index exposures regardless of plan size
Securities lending Potential for investors to achieve index-like returns, plus an additional spread due to borrower demand for certain iShares Funds*

* There is no guarantee that there will be borrower demand for shares of ETFs, or that securities lending will generate any level of income. Distributions paid out of the Fund’s net investment income, including income from securities lending, if any, are taxable to investors as ordinary income.

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