Financial Institutions Group

BlackRock’s Financial Institutions Group (FIG) specializes in partnering with insurance companies and other financial institutions to help them achieve their investment goals. These relationships are a strategic focus for BlackRock. The heart of BlackRock’s mission is putting clients first, and that requires a real sense of partnership and deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses.

FIG thoroughly understands the unique challenges facing financial institutions, and we have been providing our clients with tailored, comprehensive investment and risk management solutions since 1990.

2018 Global Insurance Research

BlackRock Global Insurance Research 2018 key asset allocation trends and client insights in relation to portfolio optimisation, ESG and private markets.

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2017 Global Insurance Research

BlackRock's sixth annual report on the industry – 'Battling the big squeeze: How insurers are protecting profitability' – reveals that, for many, years of changes in areas such as underwriting and operating cost reductions have not increased profitability as much as hoped.

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2016 Global Insurance Research

Global insurers are in the midst of a multiyear journey through a series of challenges with little or no precedent. BlackRock presents ‘In the eye of the storm’, its fifth annual report on the industry, based on research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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