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Global real assets outlook 2019

BlackRock |Feb 26, 2019

Attractive fundamentals continue to drive a great migration to the asset class, but a changing macroeconomic climate requires careful navigation.

With capital-raising outpacing deployment, competition for real assets is strong. The fundamentals underpinning performance remain broadly favorable: Real estate occupancy is above long-term averages in most sectors and markets, and the positive trend in infrastructure utilization continues.

Our report covers the following investment and market trends:

  • Investors are increasingly looking beyond their borders. More capital is flowing globally.
  • Portfolio resilience is top of mind. Secured cash flows, alignment with long-term trends and ESG-aware underwriting are key.
  • In real estate, tech-driven disruption continues. Also: Office-market impact of talent wars in North America, value-add opportunities in Europe and demographic tailwinds in the Asia Pacific.
  • In infrastructure, the energy and power transition rolls on. Also: Corporate appetite for renewables in North America, more auctions in Europe, and deep needs in the growing economies of Latin America and Asia Pacific.

In 2019, the single biggest issue facing investors is how to deploy capital as the cycle matures. The current climate is constructive for investors to maintain market exposure, but does call for greater focus on understanding risks — and picking the right ones.

Healthy flow: Global real assets transaction volumes bounced back in 2018

Global capital flows

Source: BlackRock, using 2014-2018 global transaction volumes data from Real Capital Analytics (‘RCA’) for Real Estate and IJGlobal for Infrastructure, as at 31 December 2018. RCA global real estate transaction volume data for income producing properties excludes land development. IJGlobal global infrastructure transaction volume data reflects project finance equity and debt, and excludes sectors outside BlackRock’s definition of infrastructure, such as metals and mining, oil and gas exploration and petrochemicals. All data is presented in USD, and percentage changes may be affected by non-USD currency fluctuation versus the US dollar.

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Alan Synnott
Global Head of Real Assets Research & Strategy
Synnott is the Head of the Product Strategist Team for the BlackRock Infrastructure Investment Group.
Steven Cornet
Head of US Real Assets Research
Patrick Ewane
US Real Assets Research
Alex Symes
US Real Assets Research
Eric Tawney
European Real Assets Research
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Head of European Real Assets Research
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European Real Assets Research
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European Real Assets Research
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Head of Asia Real Assets Research