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Josephine Smith, PhD

Josephine Smith, PhD

Director, Factor-Based Strategies Group

Josephine M. Smith, PhD, is a Director in the Factor Based Strategies Group within the Multi-Asset Strategies Group. As a member of the research team, she is responsible for managing factor-based risk premia strategies and risk parity strategies for institutional and retail clients. Prior to joining FBSG, Dr. Smith was a researcher and model manager in Model Portfolio Solutions, where she was part of a team responsible for the research, development, and management of strategic and tactical asset-allocation models implemented over iShares ETFs and BlackRock active funds.

Prior to joining BlackRock, Dr. Smith was an assistant professor of finance at the New York University Stern School of Business, where she taught an advanced fixed income course to undergraduates and MBAs. Prior to this, she worked on various research projects at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, and the Division of Monetary Affairs at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC.


Dr. Smith holds a BA degree in economics from the University of Rochester and a PhD degree in economics from Stanford University.