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ETFs have become a key element in portfolio management, and sourcing ETF liquidity is a critical component to effective trading.

ETF liquidity is more than secondary market volume. ETFs are not stocks.

ETF ADV (Average Daily Volume) is not indicative of all available liquidity. Since the supply of outstanding shares may be continuously increased or decreased, liquidity is influenced more by the liquidity of the underlying securities held by the ETF. Click here for an explanation of an ETF's creation/redemption process.

With more than 350 ETFs worldwide, iShares has a wide range of exposures and index methodologies for your portfolio needs, including:

  • Canada Core Equity: Market Cap/Style/Alternative indexes
  • US Core Equity: Market Cap/Style/Alternative indexes
  • Domestic and International Sectors/Industries
  • Real Estate
  • International/Global Equity: Market Cap/Alternative indexes
  • Domestic and International Fixed Income
  • Specialty

Visit the iShares Products page for detailed information, including returns, holdings and more.

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