The above results are hypothetical and are intended for illustrative purposes only. The Hypothetical Growth of $10,000 chart reflects a hypothetical $10,000 investment and assumes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. Fund expenses, including management fees and other expenses, were deducted. As a result of the risks and limitations inherent in hypothetical performance data, hypothetical results may differ from actual performance.

Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual performance and are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk. There are frequently differences between simulated performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular fund. In addition, since trades have not actually been executed, simulated results cannot account for the impact of certain market risks such as lack of liquidity. There are numerous other factors related to the markets in general or the implementation of any specific investment strategy, which cannot be fully accounted for the in the preparation of simulated results and all of which can adversely affect actual results.

The performance quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results. Investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when sold or redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted.

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Ex-Date Payable Date Record Date Cash Amount Total Distribution Reinvested
Total Distribution per Unit for Tax Purposes Eligible Dividends Non Eligible Dividends Other Income Capital Gains Return of Capital Interest Income Foreign Income Foreign Tax Paid Year

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All amounts given in Canadian dollars.


At least once each year, the Fund will distribute all net taxable income to investors. These distributions will either be paid in cash or reinvested in the Fund, as may be determined by BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited from time to time. These distributions will consist primarily of distributions received from the securities held within the Fund less Fund expenses, plus any realized capital gains generated from securities transactions within the Fund.


The amounts of past distributions are shown below. The characterization of distributions for tax purposes (such as dividends, other income, capital gains etc.) for each period will be reported only after the Fund's tax year end. Therefore, the chart below showing the tax characteristics will be updated only once each tax year. For tax purposes, these amounts will be reported by brokers on official tax statements.


as of 25-May-2016

Issuer Weight (%)

as of 25-May-2016

Name Sector Country of Risk CUSIP Asset Class SEDOL Market Value Weight (%) Price Maturity Coupon (%) Currency Market Currency FX Rate Duration Notional Value YTM (%) Mod. Duration Yield to Call (%) Yield to Worst (%)
CAD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives Canada - CA - $18,709,651 8.86 100.00 May 26, 2016 0.90 CAD CAD 1.00 0.00 18,709,651.03 0.90 0.00 - 0.90
ALLY FINANCIAL INC Corporates United States 02005NAR1 FI BDF2799 $8,762,262 4.15 134.77 Sep 10, 2018 4.75 CAD USD 0.76 2.17 8,762,262.12 3.38 2.14 - 3.38
SPRINT NEXTEL CORPORATION 144A Corporates United States 852061AK6 FI B4059B6 $6,774,078 3.21 139.35 Nov 15, 2018 9.00 CAD USD 0.76 2.26 6,774,077.96 6.13 2.21 - 6.13
BUMBLE BEE HOLDINGS INC 144A Corporates Luxembourg 120462AA4 FI B4X4222 $6,357,794 3.01 133.13 Dec 15, 2017 9.00 CAD USD 0.76 0.53 6,357,794.12 7.78 1.38 - 5.74
NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC Corporates United States 63860UAM2 FI BCDWCW2 $6,174,425 2.92 127.57 Aug 1, 2018 6.50 CAD USD 0.76 1.99 6,174,424.65 7.76 1.95 - 7.76
CIT GROUP INC 144A Corporates United States 125581GH5 FI B749YM1 $5,362,428 2.54 136.92 Feb 15, 2019 5.50 CAD USD 0.76 2.53 5,362,427.67 3.69 2.49 - 3.69
NRG ENERGY INC Corporates United States 629377BN1 FI B713PM3 $4,875,841 2.31 140.65 Jan 15, 2018 7.63 CAD USD 0.76 1.54 4,875,841.09 2.90 1.51 - 2.90
USD CASH Cash and/or Derivatives United States - CA - $4,434,421 2.10 130.84 May 26, 2016 0.45 CAD USD 0.76 0.00 4,434,420.98 0.45 0.00 - 0.45
DISH DBS CORP Corporates United States 25470XAB1 FI B4T1HG6 $3,842,660 1.82 144.82 Sep 1, 2019 7.88 CAD USD 0.76 2.91 3,842,660.44 4.33 2.85 - 4.33
SAFWAY GROUP HOLDING LLC 144A Corporates United States 78659QAA0 FI B94V700 $3,402,752 1.61 132.15 May 15, 2018 7.00 CAD USD 0.76 1.09 3,402,752.25 6.45 1.82 - 5.92
Name Asset Class Weight (%) Price Market Value Notional Value Sector SEDOL CUSIP Coupon (%) Maturity Country of Risk Currency Market Currency YTM (%) Yield to Call (%) Yield to Worst (%) Duration Mod. Duration FX Rate
Holdings are subject to change.

Exposure Breakdowns

as of 25-May-2016

% of Market Value

Cash and Derivatives


0 - 1 Years


1 - 2 Years


2 - 3 Years


3 - 5 Years


5 - 7 Years


7 - 10 Years



2.50 yrs
as of 25-May-2016

% of Market Value

Consumer Non-Cyclical




Consumer Cyclical


Cash and/or Derivatives




Capital Goods


Finance Companies


Financial Other








Industrial Other


Basic Industry






Owned No Guarantee


as of 25-May-2016

% of Market Value

Cash and/or Derivatives


BBB Rated


BB Rated


B Rated


CCC Rated


Not Rated


Allocations are subject to change.
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Risk Rating

Low to Medium
Medium to High


Net Assets

as of 25-May-2016

Size of Fund (Common and Advisor)

as of 25-May-2016

Commencement Date   Mar 1, 2011
Exchange Toronto Stock Exchange
Asset Class Fixed Income
Benchmark Index -
Index Provider -

Units Outstanding 10,500,000
Number of Holdings

as of 25-May-2016

CUSIP 46430G404

as of 25-May-2016

Options Available No

FEES as of 01-Mar-2011

Management Fee  


Management Expense Ratio (MER)  



Investment Program*   DRIP / PACC / SWP
Eligible for Registered Plans Y
Distribution Frequency   Monthly
Last Distribution per Share

as of 24-May-2016

DRIP Price

as of 22-Apr-2016


Distribution Yield  

as of 25-May-2016

Weighted Avg YTM  

as of 25-May-2016

12m Trailing Yield  

as of 25-May-2016


Weighted Avg Coupon  

as of 25-May-2016

Effective Duration  

as of 25-May-2016

1.93 yrs
Weighted Avg Maturity  

as of 25-May-2016

2.50 yrs

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