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Key Takeaways

U.S. interest rates are back on the rise, but yields on traditional bonds remain low by historical standards making income from fixed income investments hard to come by.

Dividend paying equities remain a valuable source of income for investors that may also offer some downside protection in challenging markets.

Investors should consider ways to gain exposure to companies with a solid track record of dividend growth, an attribute that has tended to outperform in a rising-rate environment.

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Ways to Capture Dividends

  • Start at home
    Potentially earn more and keep more with XDV with tax efficient dividends.
  • Discover opportunity in the U.S.
    Access some of the largest U.S. dividend paying companies in one trade with XHD or XHU.
  • Expand internationally
    Use CYH to add instant exposure to hundreds of dividend paying companies located throughout the world.
Dividend Paying Equities Offer Attractive Yields

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