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The Canadian market is heavily concentrated in just three sectors – Materials, Energy and Financials. To capture opportunities across all sectors and regions, Canadians should consider complementing their domestic holdings with opportunities from around the globe.

After a strong year in 2013, some stock markets, like the U.S., are looking more fully valued. However, outside the U.S., stocks appear more reasonably priced. For investors still underweight non-North American equities, now may be a good time to consider adding exposure to Europe and emerging markets.

iShares International ETFs

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  • Find new ways to find growth
    Today, European stocks offer more favorable valuations than those available in North American markets. Use iShares MSCI Europe IMI Index ETF (XEU) or iShares MSCI Europe IMI Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) (XEH) to provide low-cost, broad-based exposure to European equities.
  • Discover global value
    Use the iShares International Fundamental Index Fund (CIE) as an alternative, or complement, to traditional market-cap weighted indexes or actively managed international equity funds.
  • Access emerging markets with the potential for lower volatility
    Emerging markets may seem risky, but in many cases may have healthier fundamentals than their developed-market counterparts. Use iShares MSCI Emerging Markets IMI Index ETF (XEC) to seek long-term capital growth.

Canadian Market Dominated by Three Sectors

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Source: Data on world GDP and market capitalization from World Bank, as of 12/31/11.

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