ETFs Can Help You Keep More of What You Earn

The iShares Core Series for Canadian investors, a suite of competitively priced ETFs, can help you keep more of what you earn. Designed to be flexible, the funds in this suite can be used alone or together depending on your needs.

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Seek Equity Income with ETFs

Dividend-paying equities can offer a unique opportunity to both generate income and potentially profit from growth. There are funds to fit every portfolio, including ETFs composed of Canadian dividend-paying companies and others that include companies from around the world.

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Minimum Volatility ETFs

Diversifying with ETFs is one way to manage risk, but you could go further and use iShares Minimum Volatility ETFs, which seek to smooth out the volatility of performance.

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Using ETFs for Fixed Income

With fixed income ETFs you can obtain exposure to a certain segment of the bond market in one trade, reducing the need to research, purchase and manage a large number of individual bonds.

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Seek Growth with International ETFs

Many of the world’s most profitable companies reside overseas. By broadening your investment universe, you can also expand your portfolio’s growth potential.

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Understanding RAFI Fundamental Index

The Fundamental Index® based iShares ETFs offer the advantages of an active management strategy with the focus of passive investing: low costs, lower turnover, transparent rules-based selection, and broad diversification.

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