At BlackRock, we put our clients and their clients first. As the Canadian landscape has been changing, we have been evolving to continue to meet the needs of investors. By leveraging the global investment capabilities of BlackRock with the strength of our industry-leading iShares ETFs platform, we have built an answer – an answer to those seeking access to ETFs, low-cost and diversified portfolios while still having the benefits of the traditional mutual fund structure.


Combining the best of both worlds. The result: A more efficient frontier


Here are three key ways that you can benefit from the best of both worlds:

Access Multiple ETFs In a Single Fund

BlackRock Strategic Portfolios Series of mutual funds are built with iShares ETFs. Each Portfolio is constructed by combining between 6-10 iShares ETFs that provide exposure across asset classes, regions and sectors, helping you achieve a diversified portfolio in a single fund.

Placing The Focus on Asset Allocation Results In a More Efficient Frontier

Studies show that upwards of 90% of the volatility of an investor’s returns over time can come from asset allocation.1 ETFs can offer cost-efficient access to these market exposures, placing more emphasis on the asset allocation.

Taking An Institutional Approach To Investing

Institutional investors across Canada are increasingly embracing ETFs and holding them in their portfolios. For example, in only two years, the amount of ETFs held by mutual fund managers doubled from $2 billion to $4 billion.2 Now you can benefit from the same portfolio construction tools as some of Canada’s largest institutions.


1Determinants of Portfolio Performance: Gary P. Brinson, Randolph Hood, and Gilbert L. Beebower, 1986
2Greenwich Institutional Survey, 2013

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