BlackRock Symposium 2017


Together at the 2017 BlackRock Symposium, we exchanged ideas about the disruptive forces shaping how money is managed, portfolios are constructed, risk is measured and brands are built.

Dive deeper into these topics to find opportunity in our rapidly changing industry.
Technology has always had a transformational impact in society. It is changing how clients consume financial products, and it is changing how we invest.

We asked members of the BlackRock Global Executive Committee – how can investors Decode The Future?
Separating the News from the Noise
In this 30 minute webinar, Rick analyses markets and highlights the trends and nuances to watch in the coming year.
Dynamic Allocation in Uncertain Times
Tony Marek, Multi-Asset Strategy Income Group and Simon Rafferty, Global Allocation Fund, BlackRock
How can advisers achieve returns and consistent income, while navigating investment risk?
Talking Tech in Australian Equities
Charlie Lanchester, Head of Fundamental Active Equities Australia, BlackRock
We consider the technology themes impacting Australian corporates, and the companies best embracing innovation.
Financial Services 2025
Jon Howie, Head of iShares Australia and Rob Hayward, Virtual Adviser Network, Macquarie
Learn how firms can manage investor demand and compliance requirements, yet maintain a client-focused approach.
The Next Frontier of Factor Investing
The use of factors is being revolutionised by technology. In this 20 minute webinar, Ked will discuss the latest innovations in style investing and style factors.
Rethinking the Role of Technology
Susan Chan, Head of ETF and Index Investments, Asia Pacific, BlackRock
We explore the latest in wealth management technology and the global digitisation of investment advice.
Man and the Machine
Brad Betts, Global Head of Big Data, BlackRock
Brad explores how new data sources and technologies are being increasingly used in the pursuit of alpha.
Mastering the Digital Domain
Antony Catalano, Chief Executive Officer, Domain Group, Fairfax Media
Antony reveals the key drivers of Domain's growth over recent years and how effective use of data and client engagement has ensured Domain’s success.
Mastering the Challenges at Hand
We ask our panel, what are the central investment challenges of these times and how are they addressing them to deliver outcomes for investors.