BlackRock Global Allocation Fund

September Update 2018

In this three part video series, Portfolio Manager and Product Strategist for the BlackRock Global Allocation Fund, Russ Koesterich and Simon Rafferty, provide an update on notable market events of the first half of 2018 and what to look out for in the second half.

'Value’ as a driver of long-term returns

How has the fund performed in the current market cycle? And why a ‘value’ orientation continues to have merit as an investment style. (Viewing time: 3 minutes 18 seconds)

2018 Asset class sea-change

2018 has proved to be a more selective and volatile market environment – what themes do the team expect to continue, and which new themes will emerge? (Viewing time: 5 minutes 51 seconds)

What to expect in the second half

Global economies, trade tensions and interest rate pressures - how is the fund placed to deliver investment expectations? (Viewing time: 6 minutes 13 seconds)