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Looking forward from the future

The global pandemic has many of us wondering what comes next - for the economy, healthcare, tech and for investing. Does globalism have a future? Will sustainable investing endure? At the recent BlackRock Future Forum, we put these questions and more to the industry and investment experts from BlackRock and beyond. Discover what they shared.
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Overview of the Future Forum

While the global health pandemic has affected our ability to gather in person, it hasn’t impacted our desire to connect with our institutional clients to share insights on the topics that are influencing markets and impacting society, and to foster debate on the issues that matter most.

The event brought together BlackRock leaders including CEO Larry Fink, President Rob Kapito and Chairman Barbara Novick; outside experts including former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Mayo Clinic CEO Gianrico Farrugia and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella; and senior BlackRock investors across asset classes.

Over the course of the event, investors joined us for a series of conversations on topics ranging from the future of globalism, to healthcare in the age of the coronavirus, to the role of corporate purpose. And some of our leading investors shared their insights on how these issues are affecting the investment landscape. 

We hope you find the insights illuminating as you navigate the uncertain road ahead, and we look forward to continuing the conversation, both virtually and — when conditions permit — in person, once again.

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Keynote sessions

  • Globalism at a Crossroads

    Globalism at a crossroads

    Larry Fink and Satya Nadella discuss how changes in the geopolitical landscape are shaping the global business environment, the fortunes of different economies, investor sentiment and the path of corporations in the long term.
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  • Predicting the Path of Recovery

    Predicting the path of recovery

    BlackRock’s CIO of Fixed Income Rick Rieder and former Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers discuss the outlook for economic recovery, the future of monetary and fiscal policy, and their views on how markets are likely to perform.
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  • Purpose in Crisis

    Purpose in crisis

    Airbnb Co-Founder & CEO Brian Chesky and BlackRock CMO Frank Cooper explore how companies can make purpose real – and stick with it even amid a global pandemic and an economic crisis.
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  • America in a post-COVID world

    America in a post-COVID world

    A conversation about the challenges of governing in a time of heightened political and social upheaval; thoughts on what changes we are likely to see as we exit the acute phase of the pandemic; and policy implications following the election.
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  • Governing Through a Crisis and the Likely Policy Outcomes for 2021

    Governing through a crisis and the likely policy outcomes for 2021

    Former governors Jeb Bush and Ed Rendell discuss the issues that are at the forefront of the national dialogue ahead of the November election and explore the potential policy outcomes.
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  • Healthcare in the Age of the Coronavirus

    Healthcare in the age of the coronavirus

    Leaders of the health care industry explore how the efforts to combat the coronavirus are progressing, how technology is impacting the industry and what the future of healthcare may look like.
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  • Looking Ahead: A Conversation with BlackRock’s President

    Looking ahead: A conversation with BlackRock’s President

    BlackRock’s president answers attendees’ questions, shares his insights on how clients are managing through the crisis, and offers perspective on the future of the economy and asset management.
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  • Technology: Our New Virtual Reality

    Technology: Our new virtual reality

    Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins and BlackRock COO Rob Goldstein discuss the trends that are reshaping the tech industry, where we see opportunities today, and what breakthrough technologies are likely to shape our future.
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  • The renewable revolution

    The renewable revolution

    A look at how the world will power its energy needs in the future and where structural transformation is leading to investment opportunities.
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