Why BlackRock for fundamental equity?

Our fundamental equity investment strategies leverage BlackRock’s resources in efforts to meet client demands for higher alpha and outcome-oriented strategies. Each of our fundamental strategies focuses on company-specific research that’s driven by human insight and enhanced by innovative technologies.

Diverse and truly active
Diverse and truly active
Evolving markets and client needs mean that we continue to evolve our products so that they continue to function as intended and serve client objectives.
Autonomous teams equipped with robust information
Autonomous teams equipped with robust information
Our fundamental active equity teams operate autonomously while still being underpinned by the strength, resources and insights of BlackRock.
Corporate engagement
Corporate engagement
We are actively committed to defending the interests of our clients through regular, robust engagement with the companies in which we invest.
Fundamental Equities

Profound curiosity, deep conviction

We believe people are the difference. Curiosity cannot be coded. It is uniquely human―and profoundly individual. Each of our investors’ independent insights are tested and strengthened every day through a global culture of diversity, collaboration and ideation―all in a common goal to uncover alpha-rich investing ideas and construct thoroughly researched, highly convicted equity portfolios.

Active edge, sustainable outcomes

We believe in outcomes over indexes. Our processes are finely tuned, deliberate, time-tested and risk-aware, all in the mission to achieve sustainable, above-market results. Delivering consistent alpha across time means we cannot rest on our laurels. We seek constant self-improvement to inspire thoughtful evolution and meaningful innovation, including comprehensive ESG integration to ensure our portfolios are aligned with our clients’ interests.

Astute, diverse, panoramic

We believe great ideas know no borders. Our global footprint ensures local views from around the world are represented in our investment research mosaic. BlackRock’s culture of collaboration and open debate across asset classes, investment disciplines, markets and geographies creates an unrivalled collective intelligence that enhances our investment decision-making.

Long-term lens, risk-aware results

We believe wealth is developed across time. We invest in businesses, not stocks. We do not focus on short-term trading and statistical relationships; we are experts at assessing businesses and forecasting their long-term prospects. We want to share in the success of those companies we believe can outgrow the market―and generate wealth for our clients over the long term.

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